Our History

Phytonatus was born in 1999 and ever since we have put our efforts into making our ties with customers, suppliers, employees and stakeholders with us stronger. That partnership grows each day through the manufacture of natural quality products, which deliver health and welfare.

On a growing market, in light of the greater awareness on food importance for quality of life and health longevity, the search for healthy food is at an increasing pace. Alert to market changes and focused on the development of new products, we offer an ever increasing variety of options to our customers, and we always assure supply quality, delivery constancy, and competitive costs. We work only with high quality products, which ensure therapeutic, functional effects, and nutritional properties our customers expect.

We serve many markets, mainly retail, food service public, and industries. We also work with own brand filling, both the line products and specific developments.

“We are a group of people compromised with our work and focusing on being a reference on customer service, commitment and quality value in the products we offer to the public. We search for solid and durable partnerships based on trust and personal relations.”